What Our Clients are Saying


Asset and Property Management

As background, in the early stages of our working relationship with The Habitat Company, Centrum Properties had limited internal resources available for multi-family property management. As a result, we relied heavily upon Habitat throughout the project -- and they've delivered. I've been extremely satisfied with the exceptional team that they built to meet our needs at The Lofts at Roosevelt Collection.
Everyone I've worked with at Habitat has demonstrated deep knowledge and professionalism, and has gone beyond my expectations.
Specifically, I've been really impressed with the high level of customer service that Habitat brought to this project and their ability to adapt to ever changing market conditions and client goals. We can be a very demanding client, and they really embraced our management style and customized a plan that truly met our needs."

- Larry Powers, Managing Agent - The Lofts at Roosevelt Collection Learn more about Asset and Property Management



Condominium Management

The partnership we have forged with The Habitat Company grows stronger with each passing month. The Habitat corporate staff has performed as an extension of our own on-site management to the extent that is just seems like they're part of our own support team and family. Habitat's aided us through big challenges while still understanding the importance of the small things and attention to detail that are evident to our residents each day.
I feel very fortunate on behalf of 900+ fellow owners that we have a partner like The Habitat Company managing our home."

- James C.M. Jacobsen, Jr., President - The 400 Condominium Association Learn more about Condominium Management



Asset and property management

Hines has been pleased with the performance of The Habitat Company at 1225 Old Town
The leasing success of the building has surpassed anyone's expectations, and the team assigned to the project has been attentive, professional, and insightful. I would recommend Habitat based on the performance exhibited.

The leasing success of the building (already 93% leased in only 7 months) has surpassed anyone's expectations, and the team assigned to the project has been attentive, professional, and insightful.  I would recommend Habitat for future jobs based on the performance that you have exhibited.

- David Bach, Associate - Hines Learn more about Asset and Property Management





Acquisitions and Development

Approximately 15 years ago at Baird & Warner, we managed our properties independently -- so I know how challenging the job can be. When we began working with The Habitat Company, they performed a thorough analysis of our property and since have really used their depth of experience to reorganize and improve our operations.
They have handled everything with the highest level of professionalism and have been extremely attentive. Overall, The Habitat Company has done a terrific job for us and followed through on all of their promises.

- Steve Baird, President - Baird & Warner Learn more about Acquisitions and Developments



Community Development

I had the opportunity to work closely with The Habitat Company during my involvement with the Gary Housing Authority's renovation of 92 units at the Dorie Miller and East Point Homes developments and the demolition of 104 buildings at Ivanhoe Gardens. Habitat's role as Construction Manager for GHA ensured the completion of both projects in an efficient and well-organized manner, and played a key role in the resolution of issues.
What also impressed me was Habitat's documentation of progress and issues at each site, and Habitat's ability to reinforce the spirit of teamwork among all parties.

- Dr. Nadine Jarmon, Principal - NKA Contractors, LLC Learn more about Community Development



Condominium Management

During the past five years, numerous deferred maintenance projects have been completed, operating budgets have remained stable, expenditures were within budget, and residents enjoyed an overall excellent level of service.
We were pleased to enjoy five years of Habitat's expertise and service, provided with integrity and attention to detail."

- Phillip Chiaviello, President - Lake Point Tower Condominium Association Learn more about Condominium Management



Property Management

I'm impressed with the responsiveness of the staff and the ability of staff to communicate with the residents.
Given the resources necessary to get the job done, it gets done."

- James Allen, Housing Authority Board Commissioner - Atlanta Housing Authority Learn more about Asset and Property Management