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Oct 14, 2019

Habitat’s Continued Commitment To Cara

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Since the beginning of Habitat’s Partnership with Cara, we’ve been committed to training and providing job placement for Cara students in the greater Chicago area. Looking back on our history with Cara, we wanted to share the strides Habitat has made in continuing our legacy of supporting those in need.

By participating in lunch and learns,  Cara students learn necessary skill sets for finding and keeping jobs. Through job placement opportunities, we give Cara students the support they need while searching and obtaining steady employment. Lastly, by promoting Cara graduates within our Habitat team, we reward the hard work and growth our Cara graduates achieve while working with us.

We are proud to be staunch supporters of this amazing program, and look forward to our continued pursuit of providing real solutions and opportunities for Cara students.  

Did you know?

Habitat has been able to offer over 500 temporary and permanent positions to Cara Graduates. Of our temporary hires, we've promoted 33 Cara Graduates to full-time Habitat team members! 

AND…We’ve retained 84% of our Cara Graduate hires!

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