Apr 30, 2019

Building Community Among Mixed-Income Residents

  • Mixed-income Housing

Habitat’s Senior Vice President of Habitat Affordable Group, Charlton Hamer was recently interviewed by Multi-Housing News on solutions for building a “Community Among Mixed-Income Residents.” Read some highlights from the article below by Robyn Friedman:

Although planned mixed-income housing is a relatively new concept in the multifamily sector, the potential benefits are widely recognized. They can range from improved academic performance for low-income students to social stability and increased property values, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Communities that welcome residents from wide-ranging income backgrounds themselves vary considerably, from communities that combine market-rate and affordable units to those solely comprising affordable units for a spectrum of income levels.

But one essential quality for the success of a mixed-income rental project is an environment where residents interact with their neighbors in a variety of activities, forge bonds with one another and truly think of their units as home. To a landlord, that is a highly valued outcome (or is the ultimate goal) because a happy resident is more likely to stay put.

“To truly make a community work, there has to be some uniformity as to how the community operates and how people see themselves within the community,” said Charlton Hamer, senior vice president of a division of Habitat Affordable Group, a division of The Habitat Co. “When people feel segregated from a social standpoint, they don’t feel comfortable, the building will have a stigma and it will be challenging to have a high occupancy rate.”

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