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It takes more than food, clothing and shelter for affordable housing residents to feel at home – education, healthcare and a sense of community are all integral, too. We do more than simply help residents get by; we help them thrive.

Today, we manage over 13,000 affordable units, providing a safe and stable living environment for seniors and low-income families. Because so many lives depend on us, we hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability and quality control.

Through our decades of experience, we’ve forged partnerships with government agencies and neighborhood stakeholders alike. They understand our commitment to the residents we serve, our desire to build stronger communities and the sincerity of our mission: housing for all. 

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Resident services

Affordable housing residents deserve more than a roof over their heads. By investing in resident and community services, we’re able to provide residents with a stronger sense of community and better overall quality of life. That’s why we created Generations Housing Initiatives, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting affordable housing communities with first-rate social services.


Having worked closely with government partners, we understand the importance of following federal procurement guidelines. To that end, we’ve developed internal procedures based on regulations like Part 85 of CRF24 and agency guidelines like HUD Handbook 7460.8. These procedures ensure we use goods and services from responsible, qualified vendors.

"Having interacted in the management operations of a mutual client CHA Transformation property, Habitat is truly a dedicated, knowledgeable PM firm most capable of delivering goal intended results. "


Residential & Multifamily Real Estate Consultant/ Transaction Adviser 

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Here are just a few examples of the affordable housing communities we manage.

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