Experience pays dividends

As an accomplished manager and developer, we’ve worked with properties of all shapes and sizes. That experience puts us in the perfect position to evaluate and acquire a wide range of assets. We partner with both institutional equity groups and large private funds to finance acquisitions, which we make via property-level joint ventures or outright individual purchases, depending on the situation.

We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities, and we’re actively pursuing acquisitions in the following markets: 

  • Chicago, IL

  • Detroit / Ann Arbor, MI

  • Tampa / St. Petersburg, FL

  • Orlando, FL

  • Minneapolis, MN


There are a lot of well-built but under-performing properties out there. We know how to find and polish these diamonds in the rough, helping them realize their potential.

Habitat Affordable 

We see every affordable housing acquisition as an opportunity to invest in the community and make a real difference in residents’ lives.

Featured Properties

Here are just a few examples of properties we’ve acquired.

What We Do

  • Management

    Market rate, condominium, commercial, affordable – you name it, we manage it.

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  • Development

    We’ve developed over 17,000 units – everything from affordable housing to luxury high-rise apartments.

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  • Acquisition

    Our extensive experience helps us bring out the best in every property and maximize your return on investment.

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  • Asset Management

    Our hands-on services include everything from performing market research to advising on financing options.

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  • Project Management

    We’ve developed and managed dozens of properties, so first-rate project management is second nature to us.

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